Two-Way Satellite Solutions for Connected TV and New Markets by Christophe Trolet

What is common between Connected TV services, Smarthome remote control, Machine to Machine(M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) network backhauling?

Well, according to Christophe Trolet, Head of the Satellite Business Unit TeamCast Solutions , all of them can derive their best performance from the SmartLNB solution that has been designed by Eutelsat and is powered by  TeamCast.

The Smart LNB opens the door for broadcasters to operate their own ecosystem of linear and connected TV services directly via satellite. The Smart LNB is a new generation electronic feed mounted on a satellite antenna with an embedded transmitter to provide Connected TV and M2M services.

An Efficient Satellite Solution
Beyond TV services, the SmartLNB solution provides IP connectivity for a variety of applications in which small volumes of data are collected from, or exchanged with, remote devices. These applications are numerous and are constantly on the increase.

Whether data is locally gathered with wired or wireless technologies via local base-stations and gateways, or via store-and-forward mechanisms, the SmartLNB provides backhauling from any remote site to the corresponding network operation center. The SmartLNB is efficiently used for:

  • Backhauling of IoT terrestrial networks
    • Direct M2M communication
    • Connection for home networks and appliances


For more information, see our Press release.