Several ATSC3.0 presentations by TeamCast in coming events

We invite you to attend presentations by TeamCast about ATSC3.0 during the following events:


Gérard FARIA and Eric PINSON will attend the UHD Conference in Seoul, Korea on 27th-28th March 2017 (session 4, #15).
Gérard will give a conference on “Single Frequency Networks (SFN) in ATSC3.0“.
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Gérard FARIA has been selected to present a paper at a NAB session.
Gérard will present the “Single Frequency Networks (SFN) to increase ATSC3.0 Efficiency” at the Session covering ATSC3.0, on the 23rd April 2017 at 3.30pm.
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The paper jointly proposed by TEAMCAST, COMARK and DIELECTRIC has been selected by NAB.
The paper referenced as “Very-Sharp Filter Enhanced Compensation in ASTC1.0 & ATSC3.0” will be delivered during the RF Boot Camp Session, on the 25th April 2017 at 3.00pm.
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Eric PINSON, Sales & Communication Manager