Vyper2Way: Satellite Modem


  • DVB-S2 & DVB-S2X
  • VL-SNR
  • Symbol Rate from 0.05 to 72 Msps
  • Data rate up to 200 Mbit/s
  • Low spurious output
  • Operates as Layer 2 Bridge or Layer 3 Router
  • Predistortion
  • Bandwidth optimization ACM
  • Generic Stream Encap (GSE)
  • 1+1 redundancy solution

TeamCast Vyper2Way is the first DVB-S2/S2X VLSNR Satellite modem on the market. With a sym­bol rate ranging from 0.05 up to 72 Mbaud and coding from BPSK to 64APSK in the forward & re­turn channels (up to 200Mbps full duplex), it enables network operators to set-up almost any type and size of network on any available type of satellite. With DVB-S2X, the TeamCast Vyper2Way is able to boost spectral efficiency by 25-30% compared with DVB-S2 equipments. DVB-S2X also adds superior resilience to jamming, interference, phase-noise and weather fluctuations thanks to de­dicated MODCOD added to an Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) management: auto-adap­tive MODCOD setup depending on fading conditions rain, dust, interference: the maximum pos­sible throughput can be achieved at all times. The TeamCast Vyper2Way satellite modem proposes a bidirectional Modem for SCPC point to point configuration with the GSE-Lite encapsulation, with some bandwidth optimisation tools as ACM ma­nagement (to follow the budget link variations and also keep the best C/N margin) and auto pre-dis­tortion linear/non-linear adjustments. The Vyper2Way performs the Generic Stream Encapsulation (GSE-Lite), allowing the native carriage of IP datagram with a significant reduction in the overhead compared to the previous/current encapsulation.