Vyper2Way: Satellite Modem


  • DVB-S2 & DVB-S2X
  • VL-SNR
  • Symbol Rate from 0.05 to 72 Msps
  • Data rate up to 200 Mbit/s
  • Low spurious output
  • Operates as Layer 2 Bridge or Layer 3 Router
  • Predistortion
  • Bandwidth optimization ACM
  • Generic Stream Encap (GSE)
  • 1+1 redundancy solution

Vyper2Way is the TeamCast Satellite modem dedicated to Point to Point applications: Cellular backhauling, IP trunking or SNG markets. This is the first modem on the market supporting the VL-SNR modes in order to deal with harsh environments. The product offers a full flexibility as it can act as a modem, a modulator or a demodulator.

Depending on the application complexity, the modme is able to manage IP/Ethernet internal routes based on L2 Bridge or L3 Router modes linked to A ACM multi queuing. Moreover, the modem has the particularly to manage MPEG-TS from ASI input and IP traffic from Ethernet input on the same carrier. It offers a compact and efficient solution for NSG market players.

Vyper2Way can also come with a 1+1 redundancy system to have a reliable solution.

The modem can be easily controlled & monitored via Front Panel, SNMP and a user-friendly HTML5 Embedded Web client.