High-End Rack Modulator/Exciter or OEM Kit


  • Built-In AGC
  • DAP with «Green Adaptive Processing»
  • Embedded Power Measurements Unit
  • Dualdrive/1+1 Redundancy Features
  • Full DVB-T2 modes
  • Onboard GPS/GLONASS
  • Web GUI & SNMP
  • Up to +20dBm output for (Rack version)

TWISTER is a very innovative and unique solution especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturers’ demand for integrating a high-end and cost-effective modulator/ exciter within their own transmitter design.
TWISTER comes as the ideal choice for any Transmitter manufacturers’ who are willing to hit new market opportunities with limited investment and in a very short-time period. It features several key functionalities such as built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC), embedded monitoring (SNR, Shoulder levels, forwarded & reflected power levels) as well as comprehensive WEB GUI control, to ease integration process and to drive the Power Amplifier stage in the most efficient way.
TWISTER Digital Adaptive Pre-correction circuits, powered by TeamCast GAP® – Green Adaptive Processing – algorithm, permits to run transmitters very closed to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in transmitter Power Efficiency.