High-End OEM DTMB Modulator


  • Native Digital Adaptive Precorrection
  • Green Adaptive Processing for best TX efficiency
  • Full compliant DTMB (TDS-OFDM and Single Carrier signal waveforms)
  • Software option for DVB-T2
  • Redundant ASI and IP inputs switching
  • MFN and SFN operating
  • Onboard GPS
  • Cost-effective, reliable and compact design

The TORNADO product is a last generation OEM DTMB digital modulator bringing highest performances and maximum standard usage flexibility. It has been especially designed to meet Chinese Transmitter manufacturers’ demand for integrating a high-end digital modulator with top class of RF signal performances providing a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and lowest phase noise (compliant with SARFT requirements).

Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits, powered by TeamCast GAP® – Green Adaptive Processing – algorithm, permits to run transmitters very close to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in term of transmitting Power Efficiency.