RXH – Receivers for mobile cameras

DVB-T COFDM Diversity Demodulator


  • 6-way or 2-way antenna diversity demodulator with MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) algorithm
  • State-of-the-art Doppler compensation and High sensitivity inputs
  • All DVB-T modes supported, including 5/6/7/8 MHz bandwidth
  • Wide & Agile frequency range
  • Main ASI & mirrored ASI outputs
  • Single 12VDC power supply

The RXH receiver family consists in cost-effective diversity DVB-T professional demodulators addressing Mobile Video Links market.

It has been especially designed to operate in difficult reception environment with multipath echoes, noisy channels and Doppler effects.

RXH receivers include all the state-of-the-art technological features for superior DVB-T demodulation, providing high sensitivity inputs and robustness against noise and Doppler effect. The MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) algorithm ensures service continuity thanks to a decision mechanism that computes each of the COFDM carriers.

The compliance with DVB-T standard, automatic spectrum inversion & mode detection insures straightforward compatibility with most of professional wireless camera transmitters using COFDM.

The 6-way receiver, RXH0-1060, is best suited for applications with sectorial antennas or multiple antenna location with omnidirectional diagram.

The 2-way receiver, RXH0-1120, is best suited for applications having single antenna location with two omnidirectional antennas.