OEM QoS Measurement Probe


  • DVB-T/T2 v1.3.1 or ISDB-T/TB
  • Dual RF and TS over ASI inputs
  • High level of MER measurement performance
  • Advanced monitoring features: MER, Spectrum display, Constellation, SFN Window, etc.
  • Access control via Serial communication port or via IP over Ethernet
  • Compact size for easy OEM integration

The RQX-1000 is a very innovative OEM solution especially designed to perform the Terrestrial Digital TV signal quality measurements. Broadcasters are becoming more and more concerned by monitoring their Digital TV network infrastructure as they are developing a global Quality Of Service (QoS) approach. One critical part of a DTV infrastructure is the transmission sites and the DTV transmitters. The global strategy of TeamCast is to address those needs with a very compact solution offering best class of DTV signal monitoring features.

RQX-1000 consists in a compact size OEM module, ready to be integrated within transmitters or within QoS integrated solutions. It includes a DTV demodulator to perform signal decoding to supply stream output. A front-end low noise tuner is implemented to authorize high performance of MER measurement that is commonly requested for QoS monitoring purpose. RQX-1000 features an IP over Ethernet port used for both product control and streaming output. RQX-1000 product family consists of several models covering DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T/TB applications.