Neptune: DVB-S2/S2X Satellite Demodulator

A powerful, up to date and flexible platform


  • 2 Full L-Band RF In
  • 256 APSK / 80 Mbaud
  • 8 Satellite carriers
  • MPEG-TS, EDI, IP datagrams
  • MPE / GSE
  • ASI / IP Streaming
  • RF Dual or Redundant

The Neptune is a powerful, up to date and very flexible DVB-S2X satellite demodulation platform, associated with very high RF performances. Neptune is the most future-proof product, offering the ultimate for satellite transmission efficiency for many applications.

DVB-S2X efficiency implemented on our high quality and professional Neptune design brings up to 30% bandwidth efficiency compare to current solutions, allowing our customers to reduce uplink power, reduce the size of the reception antenna and simplify RF cabling.

Neptune can be easily configured and tailored to the user’s precise operational requirements. Operators can effectively build a Satellite Demodulator with all their necessary requirements. Neptune offers the optimal balance between functionality and cost; a bespoke world-class solution without the additional expense of superfluous functionality.