MNG+RNG – Mobile video/data modems

Robust RUBY COFDM link


  • Universal Modulator
  • 4-way True MRC diversity Demodulator
  • State-of-the-art Doppler compensation
  • Wide & Agile frequency range
  • ASI (MPEG-TS) and Ethernet (IP) transport
  • Single 10-36VDC power supply

RUBY waveform, based on COFDM, addresses the demand of service operators for more robust and flexible transmission links, especially running in mobile and rural environment conditions. Beyond the usual benefits of COFDM to overcome multipath, RUBY is especially developed for harsh radio environment suffering from deep signal fading, high Doppler & long echoes.

In the context of high quality broadcast video streaming, RUBY insures a highly stable, in both Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight applications, covering all the requirements of remote camera and mobile production units. The native support of Ethernet packet transport allows establishing IP Bridge at fixed bitrate between two mobile IP networks. It offers a constant, non-shared bit rate for Wireless Audio and Video Bridging over Ethernet or any other kind of demanding IP traffic.