TeamCast Village Island CID @ ABU GA

Rennes (France), April 04, 2016TeamCast, the world-renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, and Village Island, Asia’s most advanced Skyline Dataminer integrator and the famous manufacturer for tailor made monitoring solutions for Satellite Broadcasters, partnered for developing and demonstrating at the last ABU 2016 state of the art satellite Carrier ID monitoring.

A Jupiter satellite receiver from TeamCast has been integrated into the Dataminer solution from Village Island to constitute a complete satellite transmission monitoring solution with CID detection, demodulation and decoding.

Once the system is locked on a satellite carrier, beyond the display of the regular transmission parameters, the operator gets the following DVB-CID related data: Carrier ID, latitude, longitude, telephone and user data. The operator can then instantly get confidence about the carrier it is locked on.

« With this solution, every satellite transmission operator can easily check that their carriers meet the future requirements from their regulator at the same time they check their regular transmission parameters. It is also the right tool to fight interferer», says Christophe Trolet, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast.

« With this additional function, our Dataminer solution is really the powerful and future proof tool our customers are willing for building their control centre» says Michael Van Dorpe, President at Village Island. He adds « As DATAMINER STRATEGIC PARTNER, system integrator and driver developer, it is our duty to integrate customer driven strategic features such as the Carrier IDs.»

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