TeamCast supports NAB’s live ATSC 3.0 transmission at the 2016 NAB Show

Las Vegas (NV, USA), April 13, 2016 – After several years of preparation, the new ATSC 3.0 system is turning into something real and NAB is announcing that ATSC 3.0 will be broadcast as a live transmission from the show floor. The demonstration is dedicated to highlighting the new capabilities of ATSC 3.0 in real-world conditions.

This live transmission will originate from the Futures Park area at the east end of the South Hall and be sent by microwave to the KLSV-LD facility on Black Mountain. The over-the-air ATSC 3.0 signal is radiated on Channel 50 from KLSV-LD’s 1kW digital transmitter. It is then received and displayed at the ATSC 3.0 Consumer Experience, which will be located near the entrance to the west end of the Upper Level of the South Hall.

To support this live transmission, TeamCast provided its exTra3.0 ATSC 3.0 exciter that has permitted an upgrade of an existing AXCERA ATSC 1.0 transmitter to ATSC 3.0.

« We are proud to contribute to this over-the-air ATSC 3.0 transmission, which constitutes a clear recognition of our experience in supporting early tests and trials for this new emerging standard» stated Eric Pinson, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast. « We strongly believe ATSC 3.0 represents the most advanced system, with the capabilities required for the future of broadcasting. We consequently present a complete solution at the 2016 NAB Show» he adds.

« The message at the 2016 NAB Show is that ATSC 3.0 is real and this live broadcast proves it’s true. We are very pleased to be able to co-sponsor this impressive demonstration along with the Advanced Television Systems Committee and the Consumer Technology Association. TeamCast has been a great partner in this process and the use of the TeamCast exciter has been critical to successfully presenting the capabilities of this new broadcast technology to the NAB Show audience,» stated Sam Matheny, EVP and CTO, NAB.

The exTra3.0 exciter can be seen on TeamCast’s booth #C1736.

PR TeamCast supports NAB’s live ATSC 3.0 transmission