New DVB-S2X satellite modulator with dual IF and RF signal outputs, CID insertion and multi-stream over IP

Washington D.C., March 17, 2015TeamCast, the world renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, is introducing the 3rd generation of its successful Vyper satellite modulator at the Satellite 2015 show.

This new Vyper is indeed combining two products in one, offering both IF and RF (L-Band) signal outputs on a single product, for a maximum flexibility in system built-up, operation and maintenance.

Additionally, it offers CID insertion, responding today to the short term requirements for use in the USA (2016 for DSNG application, and 2018 for all applications) and is therefore ready for the future, worldwide.

Vyper also supports multi-stream operation through IP inputs, in addition to multi-stream through ASI inputs.

And it is of course DVB-S2X compliant, with new MODCOD, 64APSK modulation and low Roll-Off values, like the previous model was, for maximum transmission efficiency.

Vyper, the well known and highly acknowledged satellite modulator developed by TeamCast, is continuing its road towards optimized operational capabilities, with a long term view, and best return on investment to our customers, thanks to its unique evolutionary platform” says Christophe Trolet, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast.

The Vyper rack will be shown on TeamCast’s booth at the Satellite 2015 show: #4128.