TeamCast announces new professional DVB-S2X satellite demodulator with unprecedented features at NAB show 2018

Las Vegas (USA), April 7th, 2018 – TeamCast, the global market leader in Digital Terrestrial TV and Radio Modulation, announces NEPTUNE, a new satellite demodulator with advanced features for professional applications.

NEPTUNE is a 1RU DVB-S2X satellite demodulator that offers unprecedented support of some advanced modes of the DVB-S2X standard. Specifically NEPTUNE can demodulate signals ranging from QPSK to 256 APSK and from 100 kbaud to 500 Mbaud, offering a high operational flexibility.

In terms of architecture, NEPTUNE includes professional features. NEPTUNE has two separate RF inputs and two separate demodulators, which allow to receive from two different satellite transponders and to offer robustness against signal loss. The demodulation stage is based on TeamCast’s proven FPGA design and offers an ultra low implementation loss when compared to the theoretical calculations. NEPTUNE offers eight ASI outputs and two Ethernet ports for delivering the signals. It support MultiStream and is able to route streams to the different ASI and Ethernet outputs. It supports both GSE and MPE encapsulation for efficient IP signal transmission. It includes extraction and decoding of the DVB-CID. The internal power supply is duplicated for reliability and easy insertion in a redundant power distribution system.

NEPTUNE targets demanding professional satellite applications such as High capacity DSNG (e.g.: UHDTV contribution) and Direct-to-Tower distribution (feeding multiple DTV transmitters in the same sites).

“With NEPTUNE, TeamCast demonstrates again its ability to serve its customers with equipment responding to their high-end applications. Associated with TeamCast’s VYPER modulator, NEPTUNE is the solution of choice for taking the best of the most advanced modes of DVB-S2X and reduce OPEX on the long term” says Christophe TROLET, Head of Business Unit at TeamCast.


NEPTUNE will be demonstrated at NAB show 2018 on TeamCast’s booth SU6521.