Worldwide first with exTra3.0 terrestrial TV exciter

TeamCast announces as a worldwide first: exTra3.0 terrestrial TV exciter featuring the new ATSC 3.0 technology.

IBC (Amsterdam), September 11, 2015 – TeamCast, the global market leader in advanced solutions for Digital Terrestrial and Satellite Transmission, announces at IBC 2015 the new exTra3.0 product, the very first terrestrial TV exciter dedicated to the ATSC 3.0 new standard.

With this new product, TeamCast is sharing its experience in designing and operating the 3nd Generation of ATSC Terrestrial Standards. It has been especially designed to meet the emergent demand from ATSC 3.0 early adopters to perform transmission performance testing as well as field trials.

Being an active member of the ATSC forum and historic member of DVB, TeamCast has leveraged its experience in the integration of latest generation of terrestrial transmission technologies in the development of the ATSC 3.0 exTra3.0 exciter.

« With exTra3.0 we follow our strategy to release terrestrial TV exciter as soon as new standard emerges. The exTra3.0 has been especially design to address both the need to test the emergent ATSC 3.0 technology in labs and the demand from Transmitter manufacturer’s to release ATSC 3.0 TV transmission systems.» says Eric Pinson, Head of the Technology Business Unit at TeamCast.

exTra3.0 comes as a ready-to-use and stand-alone rack exciter, specifically designed to be integrated inside TV transmitter systems. exTra3.0 integrates TeamCast’s third generation of ATSC 1.0 modulation core as well the new ATSC 3.0 modulation core closely following the standard finalization and validation.

exTra3.0 will be exhibited at IBC 2015 on TeamCast’s booth 2B51.

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