Stream4Cast at NABSHOW

Las Vegas (NV, USA), April 18, 2016 – TeamCast, the worldwide leader in Terrestrial and Satellite modulation technologies, will release at NAB 2016, the Stream4Cast®. This innovative and unique solution allows Broadcaster’s to deploy a Single Frequency Networks (SFN) in ATSC 3.0.

Stream4Cast® is designed to be installed at the Network Operating Center (NOC or Head-end) and prepares the IP stream format to be transmitted in compliance with the new ATSC 3.0 Physical standard. One key innovative aspect of this solution is the implementation of the modulation core within Stream4Cast®. This core normally is part of each modulator located on every transmitter. One major benefit of having this Centralized Modulation Process at the head-end rather than duplicated at each transmitter site, is to significantly decrease each transmitters hardware complexity and therefore saving CAPEX costs. Furthermore, it would also contribute to the network OPEX costs reduction with a simpler operation and maintenance on such reduced complexity transmitters.

« Stream4Cast® is the ideal solution for deploying Single Frequency Networks in ATSC 3.0, since exactly the same modulated signal is distributed to all transmitters with accurate timing data, so that only a simple time alignment is done in each transmitter for providing signals perfectly meeting the key SFN requirements: same signal, same timing and same frequency» says Eric PINSON, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast.

The Stream4Cast® unit is dedicated to be used in combination with either the exTra3.0 ATSC 3.0 exciter or the Vortex® exciter, both designed by TeamCast.

« With this very new and innovative concept, we are now in position to meet early Broadcaster’s expressed demand for deploying SFN networks in ATSC 3.0. This solution has already been successfully implemented in the field last March at Baltimore and we are expecting growing interests during the NABShow», add Eric.

Stream4Cast® is live demonstrated on TeamCast’s booth #C1736.

PR TeamCast NAB 2016 – Stream4Cast_Final