Reliable 4K feeds with TeamCast’s Vyper satellite modulators

Rennes (France), November 8, 2016TeamCast, the world-renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, announce its Vyper modulators are widely used for critical 4K feeds from live events.

With its unique set of features, Vyper provides the bandwidth and the reliability in critical live transmission, including the growing use of 4K for live events such as football, Country Music Awards, Basketball, etc…

To provide the highest payload in a given transponder bandwidth, Vyper offers all low Roll-Off and modulations / coding rates of the extended DVB-S2X standard, a unique RF purity, and CID insertion, to be compliant with the new requirements for signal identification.

« TeamCast’s Vyper solution seems to be the only one on the market providing us the expected performance and reliability for our 4K critical feeds. It really helps us to widen the use of the 4K quality broadcast that our customers are expecting from our trucks,» says Eric Kludt, Technical Manager at Mobile Satellite Connection (MSC).

« We are proud to have this valuable feedback about our VYPER solution in which we invested a lot, to offer a unique high-end and cost-effective solution to ours customers, especially in the critical domain of live feeds,» says Christophe TROLET, head of the TeamCast Solution Business Unit.

PR TeamCast MSC VYPER for 4K feeds_final