TeamCast and Integrasys collaboration for testing and demonstrating CID insertion and monitoring

Washington D.C. (USA), March 16, 2015TeamCast and Integrasys, two industry leaders in solutions for satellite transmission and monitoring have combined their technologies and expertise for testing and demonstrating new opportunities offered by CID insertion and spectrum monitoring.

CID stands for Carrier Identification. The purpose of this new technology (referenced under ETSI TS 103 129) is to allow the quick identification of any carrier causing interference to other signals. The system has been optimized for satellite applications including DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X. The minimum content of the Carrier ID is the DVB-CID Global Unique Identifier (GUI), based on the MAC address of the equipment (Modulator) and fixed by the equipment manufacturer. It consists in adding, inside the satellite modulator, a very low power RF signal combining with the useful signal (S/S2/S2X) on the transmission site. Being robustly coded and modulated, this identification signal can be easily retrieved at the reception site, even when its power is low compared to the useful signals. The insertion of such identification signals will become mandatory in the forthcoming years in the USA, as soon as 2016 for DSNG applications and 2018 for all applications, and later on in other parts of the world.

In this common test, the VYPER satellite modulator from TeamCast is used for generating a DVB-S2X compliant signal with the embedded DVB-CID compliant identifier, while a VectorSat Carrier Monitoring and Interference Detection System from Integrasys is used to visualize, measure and detect the CID signal on the transmission. VectorSat shows the new capabilities offered to satellite operators and service provider to monitor their carriers and possible interferences from other satellite users, for maximizing the quality of service and interference free service.

« We are pleased to partner with Integrasys for these tests» says Gerard FARIA, TeamCast’s Chief Technology Officer. « It is a clear illustration of the new CID insertion capabilities of our new VYPER modulator, moving towards the next market requirements for DSNG and other applications in the US market» he adds.

« We are delighted to work with Teamcast to show their new CID insertion capability» says Alvaro Sanchez Sales & Marketing Manager at Integrasys. « Integrasys has been working actively on Carrier ID initiative since 2013 supporting IRG; nowadays Integrasys in the technology leader for Interference Prevention and Mitigation systems offering a wide range of Carrier Monitoring products and Interference prevention tools to automate the LineUps because Preventing is the Key» he adds.

The CID demonstration is at the Integrasys booth #9127 at the Satshow 2015.

Joint PR – Integrasys TeamCast – final