ENENSYS completes acquisition of TeamCast

The group will become the market leader in Video Delivery Infrastructure for DVB-S2/S2X, DVB-T2 and ATSC3.0 Networks

Cesson-Sevigne – Tuesday June 6th, 2017

ENENSYS, the worldwide leader in efficient video delivery infrastructure, is pleased to announce that the acquisition of TeamCast, the market leader in modulation technology for Terrestrial, Satellite and Wireless markets, has been completed. The combined group will provide an extensive product and software range across Video Delivery Infrastructure, especially in ATSC3.0, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2/S2X.

The announcement of the acquisition was perceived very positively by the market”, said Regis LE ROUX, President and CEO of ENENSYS. “The fact that there is essentially no overlap in the product range makes it straightforward for our respective customers. And businesswise we already see traction from TeamCast’s established presence in the USA market”.

The acquisition was expected to close before the end of the 2nd quarter of 2017, but proceeded faster than expected. Jean-Luc PAVY, co-founder of TeamCast said, “All discussions were very positive. We are two innovation driven companies, and as such our teams have a lot in common. The geographical proximity has facilitated the acquisition as both companies are based in Rennes, France, the European center of excellence for Digital Video Networks companies.

To maintain customer focus, ENENSYS confirmed that TeamCast will continue to operate as a standalone company. “TeamCast has many prestigious customers and partners. Some of them were a bit concerned by the changes that this acquisition may bring, but once they’ve understood our willingness to ensure continuity and to leverage on TeamCast strength, they were all very positive”, adds Regis LE ROUX.

TeamCast co-founders Jean-Luc PAVY and Gérard FARIA will keep strategic management positions within TeamCast. Terms of the deal will not be disclosed.

(From left to right) : Jean-Luc PAVY, Régis LE ROUX, Eric PINSON, Christophe TROLET, Guénhaël LE ROCH, Eric DENIAU and Gérard FARIA.