White papers

To share its technical expertise, TeamCast is regularly publishing white papers presenting how to get the best from the latest Terrestrial and Satellite transmission technologies.

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   April 2017 –  Very-Sharp Filter Enhanced Compensation in ATSC 1.0 & ATSC 3.0 

April 2017 –  Single Frequency Network (SFN) to increase the efficiency of the ATSC3.0’s broadcast infrastructure

March 2017 – Multicast ABR, DVB-S2X, GSE, Time Slicing: Enabling cost effective delivery of Live Video Streams via Satellite
WP ANNEX M September 2016 – Wideband Satellite: Gbits/s over DVB-S2X with Annex M
WP CID September 2016 – Satellite Signal Interference and Carrier ID (CID)
Miniature Hybrid T2-Base & T2-Lite June 2014 – Hybrid T2-BASE & T2-LITE : The unique way to add mobile services onto your T2 network
Miniature Ultra HD over DVB-T2 September 2014 – Next Exit: Ultra HD over DVB-T2!
Miniature UHD over S2X July 2014 – Next Exit: Ultra HD over DVB-S2X!

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