The 4EVER-2 Project


The 4EVER-2 project seeks to bring a real improvement in the Quality of video Experience.

Its objective is to enable everyone to enjoy at home, in a cinema or in mobile situation, an enhanced Quality of Experience, yet with a minimal impact on the technical production and the audio-visual distribution chain.

The consortium conducts research on high technology for the introduction of Ultra High Definition (UHD) on TV services, both on the image format (UHD-TV) and on the coding standard aspects (HEVC).

The research work is going well beyond the 4K resolution improvement. It is looking at three other improvements: High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Frame rate (HFR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG).

4EVER-2 regularly delivers its results to the international broadcast community and was awarded a prestigious Award from The National Association of Broadcasters at NAB show 2016.

TeamCast’s main contribution in the project is to take care of the final distribution of the UHDTV signal to the end-user either by Terrestrial or Satellite broadcasting means.

One of 4EVER-2’s latest achievements is the world first live HFR production / distribution performed at a Hockey match (100 fps).

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