As a complement to its participation in standardisation fora, TeamCast is presenting and explaining the broadcast technologies to the whole TV ecosystem through paper presentation in numerous international conferences and seminars.

Please find below a few papers for download:

Conference Paper presented
MENASIST – Istambul – October 26, 2015 The Mysteries of DVB-S2X
IBC – Amsterdam – September 2015 Broadcast TV in the IP & MPEG worlds
IBC – Amsterdam – September 2015 TeamCast’s ATSC3 seminar @ IBC
IBC – Amsterdam – September 2015 Where do we stand with the 2nd generation of BroadCast systems
IDATE PRC – Paris – November 2014 Towards a Global & Convergent MultiMedia Delivery Infrastructure
IBC – Amsterdam – September 2014 The Mysteries of DVB-T2 Lite