TWISTER Dual Drive Kit


  • Complete system including 2 exciters and a RF switch
  • Configuration cloning
  • Built-In AGC
  • GAP® – Green Adaptive Processing
  • Embedded monitoring: MER, Shoulder, transmitted & reflected power levels
  • Full DVB-T2 modes
  • User selectable 0 to +20dBm output power level
  • WEB GUI control and SNMP client

The TWISTER-4000 system combines two TWISTER digital exciters and a RF switch unit. At the system management level, specific functionalities have been designed to simplify the system configuration and user operation. The RF switch unit is fully and transparently managed by the TWISTER exciters, covering a comprehensive set of parameters such as the multiple switching triggers. In addition, the TWISTER-4000 system maintains control of the transmitter Power Amplifier stage, handling the power on/off cycle and displaying the different transmitter conditions.