Jupiter/SaTurn – OEM Satellite Demodulation Boards



  • DVB-CID Extraction
  • DVB-S2X low roll off included
  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 compliant
  • Two L-Band input
  • 16 & 32 APSK Top performances
  • Adaptive equalization
  • 65MBaud , up to 240 Mbps

Jupiter and SaTurn are state-of-the-art OEM S/S2 demodulators for professional satellite transmissions. They are high performances demodulators for advanced DVB satellite reception. They support up to 240Mbit/s and operate in 16APSK and 32APSK with a very low implementation loss.

They support multistream (as defined by the EN 302 307 standard) and can deliver simultaneously up to 2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI).

Jupiter and SaTurn are ACM compliant. They accept and follow MOCOD reconfiguration (adaptation of the transmission robustness) while keeping your Quality of Service.

Furthermore JupiTer has a full DVB Carrier ID (CID) extraction (following the standard ETSI TS 103 129) capability so that a professional IRD using JupiTer can identify the received signal, and/or can use it as a tool for checking « on-the-fly» DVB-CID data broadcasted and also completes DVB-S/S2 monitoring tool with probes as RF Power, C/N Margin, EVM, BER before/after FEC and PER