Green4DAB (OEM)

High-End OEM DAB Modulator


  • Native L/NL Digital Adaptive Precorrection
  • Seamless ETI input stream switching
  • Satellite Input
  • Gigabit IP inputs with EDI protocol
  • Advanced ETI monitoring status
  • DAB specific test signals output
  • Onboard GPS

Green4DAB belongs to the Green4CAST product family and as has been especially designed to drive DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB transmitters in the VHF Band III. It comes as a compact, flexible and reliable OEM modulator, ready to be integrated within a Digital Radio transmitter.

It has been especially designed to meet transmitter manufacturers’ demand for integrating a high-end digital modulator with top class of RF signal performances thanks to the Digital Adaptive Pre-correction circuits, providing a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and lowest phase noise. It will enable Broadcasters to operate their Digital Radio transmitters very close to their saturation limit allowing significant gain in terms of transmitting Power Efficiency.

Green4DAB hardware comes with a large choice of stream input interfaces, with two redundant G703/G704 inputs, one satellite and two Gigabit input interfaces (for EDI protocol). This makes Green4DAB as the most flexible and future-proof high-end DAB/DMB digital modulator available today on the market!

For test and monitoring purposes, Green4DAB features specific ETI stream check status (Time Stamp error and deviation and CRC error rates), dedicated DAB test signal outputs (ETI Frame 0 and TX Frame outputs) as well as a comprehensive set of test modes (stand-alone 3G mode, In-channel PRBS insertion, TII signaling insertion, suppressed carriers mode,…).