Green4CAST (OEM)

High-End OEM DVB-T/T2 or ISDB-T/TB Modulator


  • Native L/NL Digital Adaptive Precorrection
  • GAP® – Green Adaptive Processing
  • ASI and IP inputs redundancy
  • Full DVB-T2 modes
  • Hybrid T2-Base + T2-Lite transmission
  • Onboard GPS/Glonass
  • Single 12VDC power supply

The Green4Cast product line is targeted to meet transmitter manufacturers’ requirements for high efficiency as well as high quality DVB-T2 or ISDB-T/TB transmitting products and is designed to be integrated within high, medium and low power Broadcast Transmitters.

It consists in high-end digital OEM DVB-T2 or ISDB-T/TB modulator featuring latest state-of-theart Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) circuits in a very compact and cost-effective platform.

Green4Cast Digital Adaptive Precorrection circuits, powered by TeamCast GAP® – Green Adaptive Processing – algorithm, permits to run DVB-T2 or ISDB-T/TB transmitters very close to their saturation limit, with unequalled RF signal performances and allowing significant gain in term of transmitting Power Efficiency.