Gérard FARIA

VP Technology

Gérard FARIA is an electronic engineering graduate from the University “Paris-Sud XI”.

As from 1978, Gérard FARIA worked within several large French companies (Thomson CSF – Training Simulator Division, Marcel Dassault Aircraft). He worked first as a member and then as the leader of an R&D team imagining & designing Real Time Picture Synthesizers (Aircraft Simulator) and Telecommunication Equipment.

In 1988, he founded the ITIS Company (Innovation in Telecommunications Image and Sound) with Jean-Luc PAVY where he held the position of Technical Director. In this role, he was a significant contributor to the European standards for Digital Radio (DAB) and Digital TV (DVB).

In 1997, the company achieved significant international sales, making 80% of its turn over outside the domestic market (Europe & Asia-Pacific). The company was then acquired by the American group Harris Corporation. Gérard FARIA continued to contribute to the growth of the company in his new position as Scientific Director.

In July 2003, he founded the company TeamCast with Jean-Luc PAVY.

Since the acquisition of the company by ENENSYS on June 1st 2017, Gérard now contributes to the company group development in his new position of VP Technology.