Security Comm-On-The-Move

The native IP capability of RUBY technology enables stable full-duplex wireless link, even in harsh radio environment.

In most of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions, a great concern is the ability to carry out in real time high-quality video streams while encountering difficult radio conditions.

For best reactivity, it comes additionally the needs for regular IP communication like remote control, video monitoring or audio capability.
TeamCast proposes solutions to deliver bitrates, low latency & guaranteed throughput as required for such Comm-On-The-Move applications.

Thanks to RUBY technology and native support of Ethernet transport, MNG+RNG products allows to design IP Bridge at fixed bitrate between two mobile IP networks.

This architecture provides a reliable transmission of IP traffic in full duplex with standard Ethernet compliant interfaces.
The RUBY waveform insures a highly stable, in both Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight conditions. Hence, it offers a constant, non-shared bit rate for Wireless Audio and Video Bridging over Ethernet.

Full-Duplex COFDM IP Bridge
See MNG+RNG mobile video-data modems for detailed product information.