Broadcast Wireless Camera System

True filming freedom without compromise on the stability of your video link.

There has been a huge expansion in wireless broadcast camera systems over the last 15 years with the introduction of digital compression and portable form-factors replacing unwieldy analogue systems. The DVB-T standard, usually called COFDM in reference to its technical principle, was initially designed for broadcast TV networks and became the most popular waveform, providing the required bitrate & long range for microwave link of portable camera.Visuel_Wireless-Camera-System_640x640

In order to insure the seamless reception of such COFDM signal while insuring filming freedom of the cameramen, TeamCast proposes easy-to integrate DVB-T diversity demodulators that meet up with the high-performance requirements of live TV shows like news gathering, sport events and concert.

In use-cases where the production facility needs to cope with limited space for receiving antennas, the RXH0-1120 demodulator features inputs for two antennas operating in spatial diversity.

In most challenging use-cases, like the transmission from a race track or inside complex building, the RXH0-1060 demodulator features 6 antenna inputs for seamless reception. Those inputs can be used to achieve 360° coverage with sector antennas, or to achieve distributed antenna network over a predetermined path.

In all case, the state-of-the-art digital processing and RF quality of RXH product family insure best stability and range to receive signals from usual COFDM mobile transmitters, even in harsh conditions like high-speed applications.


Diversity receiver network
See RXH receivers for mobile cameras for detailed product information.