Broadcast Airborne Video System

The ultimate transmission technologies for large outdoor video productions.

The extensive TV audience of sport events has fostered the need for high-quality picture at the heart of the action. In the case of large outdoor competitions like cycle road races, marathons or boat regattas, the use of airborne camera and airborne relay for mobile ground camera is mandatory to achieve the required coverage.Visuel_Airborne-video-system_v2_640x640

Those systems imply usually both wireless video uplink that suffers from various terrestrial radio impairments, and wireless video downlink that has to transmit over very long distance.

TeamCast proposes solutions to cope with both kind of issues while achieving high-bitrates, compliant broadcast interfaces and unique radio transmission reliability.

For uplinking, the RUBY waveform implemented in MNG+RNG products is especially suited to achieve ground-to-air non-Line-of-Sight link of a video stream with innovative technology to survive echoes and deep signal fading as encountered inside urban canyon or occluding trees.

For downlinking, the MNG+RSG products allow designing very long range Line-of-sight link for several high-quality video feeds. The unique process assembles multiple video streams together in a single radio channel, without any external multiplexer.


Multi-stream outdoor broadcast video system with airborne relay
See MNG+RNG mobile video-data modems and MNG+RSG multi video downlink for detailed product information.