Security Unmanned System

Wireless technologies for critical data streams

Amongst the variety of unmanned systems (UAV, UGV, USV…), being remotely piloted or fully autonomous, all vectors are equipped with a dedicated payload that enable specific mission objectives. In most of cases, such payloads are made of imaging sensors together with others data sources like audio or radar.Visuel_Unmanned-System_640x640

The amount of generated data implies the need for efficient data link to retrieve the critical information in real-time at the control station or dedicated point-of-use.

TeamCast proposes solutions to design such critical data link while achieving high-bitrates at low latency, compliant IP interfaces and resilient waveforms against hostile radio environment.

The MNG+RNG products are especially suited to achieve Line-of-sight and non-Line-of-Sight links that are encountered in various transmission conditions like urban area, rough sea or even high-doppler disturbances.

The high-performance diversity reception scheme allows flexible & distributed antenna placements that enable seamless reception of continuous data streams.

Also, the products interfaces ease the integration with multiple payloads featuring standard IP networking.


Multi-sensor robotic platform
See MNG+RNG mobile video-data modems for detailed product information.