TX UpGrade & Recycle

TeamCast proposes a unique solution on the market to meet the demand expressed by Broadcaster’s to upgrade, renew and re-use their existing transmitters. This solution consists of several ready-to-use rack digital modulators, featuring specific features dedicated to drive TV transmitters: Power Measurement Unit, Automatic Gain Control, Digital Adaptive Precorrection, power amplifier ON/OFF, etc.

Please take a look to our dedicated leaflet highlighting the concept of TX upgrade!

Photo TWISTER dans un TX SAGEM-bisFor PAL, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T/TB, TWISTER solution comes as the ideal solution to extend your existing transmitter cycle life! TWISTER can drive the existing power amplifier from signal between 0dBm up to +20dBm that can be in real time adjusted thanks to the AGC mechanism. It provides the capability to measure both the Forward Power as well as the Reflected Power signal levels. Specific protection mechanism as well as power-on ramp-up has been integrated. TWISTER can be controlled locally via its front panel, or remotely via a WEB GUI and SNMP. Its latest-state-of-the-art Digital Adaptive Precorrection technology, boosted with GAP® (Green Adaptive Precorrection) enables to obtain never-reached RF signal performances in terms of MER, Shoulders and Power Gain Efficiency!

VORTEX is very similar to TWISTER and is dedicated to ATSC 1.0 application.

TeamCast 4 pages Twister BROADCASTER 2015-v4.pdf