OEM Product Portfolio

Large choice of OEM modulator products specially designed to be integrated within transmitter environment and providing top class of RF performances!

TeamCast designs high-end OEM digital terrestrial modulators for the different terrestrial TV standard deployed worldwide.Pile ModulCast détourée

For DVB-T and DVB-T2, MT2 platform comes as a very compact and single board OEM modulator featuring manual precorrection circuits, whereas Green4CAST implements Digital Adaptive Precorrection to reach top performance in terms of RF signal figures as well as Power Efficiency Gain.

ISDB-T/TB waveform is available on Green4CAST as a software option.

The TORNADO OEM modulator has been especially designed for the Chinese DTMB standard.

For DAB, DMB, DAB+ digital radio transmission, Green4DAB comes as one of the most compact OEM product of the market providing unmatched functionalities such as ETI and EDI inputs, built-in Satellite and GPS.

The RQX OEM product comes as a compact RF signal probe dedicated to perform real-time signal quality check and monitoring.