DSNG & Contribution

With leading modulation expertise and innovative features, TeamCast’s Vyper satellite modulator improves your ability to feed your TV Studio with fresh Audio/Video contents as well as Metadata from the field.

Wherever you are, thanks to the worldwide satellite fleets, the quickest and easiest way to remotely provide your studios with occasional events, sport content, breaking news, €¦ is a satellite link!

Vyper, versatile, flexible and compact solution with innovative features, is the best solution for an efficient and easy management of your DSNG truck fleet as well as flyaway systems.

Our Top Class unprecedented performances allow use of advanced configurations like 64 APSK modulation schemes, thus your future UHD contributions will be cheaper than your today’s SD contributions.

Furthermore, our crystal spectrum quality allows more DSNG carriers on satellite transponders.

Today, major broadcasters, their partners or their subcontractors are using our VYPER solutions with any type of satellite (C band, Ku band, Ka band, €¦) from any satellite providers.

For your product integration, Vyper exists as VYP module: an OEM satellite modulation board.


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