Direct To Tower : DTT

Optimized multistream and cost effective solution to distribute terrestrial multiplex to thousands of remote terrestrial transmitters…

Terrestrial broadcast (DVB-T or T2) networks usually require several thousands of digital terrestrial transmitters/repeaters to insure 99.9% coverage of a country. It means that each DVB-T or DVB-T2 multiplex must be distributed to thousands of terrestrial transmitter… Thanks to one and only one satellite spot beam, all transmitters can receive its content while it requires many links (microwave, optical fiber or IP based) with a ground infrastructure. It makes the satellite distribution a quick and cost effective solution.

For these applications, TeamCast is the first satellite equipment provider who integrate multistream standardized feature in its solution for an optimized distribution. Our satellite modulator Vyper naturally comes with an embedded multitream aggregator and can combine up to 4 independent contents on one satellite carrier while maintaining SFN constraint for a terrestrial broadcast. Considering a terrestrial network composed of 4 multiplexes and 1 000 transmitters for each, one satellite modulator Vyper is enough to distribute 4 multiplexes to 4 000 transmitters…

On the reception side, our Syper demodulator which is multistream compliant too can recover and feed 4 transmitters too.

In addition, our precorrection technology increases the baudrate transmission at constant budget.

Satellite DTT