Satellite industry is moving fast to face the market bit rate requirement needed for new communications and IP services. Ka band is since many years a reality, and with Ka band technology, wideband transponders are coming…

At the front end of the market and as a transmission satellite solution innovation leader, TeamCast is providing wideband satellite modulator for future proof industry and applications. Today, TeamCast is working on solutions to combine broadcast and broadband applications in the same satellite infrastructure.

TeamCast wideband satellite modulator will be able to generate 500 MHz carrier to take advantage of the new generation of satellite.

Associated with new DVB-S2X standard and advanced MODCOD plus powerful enhanced precorrection, TeamCast will provide some solutions to build satellite transmissions at several Gbits/s for High speed data links.

Up to date technology, future proof and GSE based, our solutions will offer very low overhead and thus the best efficiency.

Our Solution will integrate ANNEX M (Time slicing) thus several services for different End user targets could be combined one the same wideband carrier for a better efficiency of the bandwith and a lower CAPEX & OPEX while saving your past and existing investments.

Visuel wideband