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DVB-T/T2 Demodulator:


The unique demodulator for early testing and monitoring DVB-T2 signals:

  • On-field signal demodulation,
  • Transmission signal performance checks
  • R&D laboratory experiments.


The D-Mod T2 is a first tool to measure and to monitor the RF signal quality of the DVB-T2, the second generation of terrestrial Digital TV standard.
D-Mod T2 gives the mean to measure the MER in real time: it is the key measurement to qualify a RF transmission signal. D-Mod T2 is fed either by a relatively high power level signal (Demodulation RF input) like the output of a modulator or a field type signal (Receiver RF input) whose level varies and can go low. A comprehensive & intuitive control software suite is provided and displays measurement traces, signal spectrum and constellation. It also permits to configure and control the unit via Ethernet local or remote connection. A SNMP control is also available.


Comprehensive DVB-T2 modulation monitoring

The D-Mod T2 can continuously monitor in real-time the essential signal performance figures such as input level, MER and shoulder levels. Useful to check the quality of the DVB-T2 signal in the time. The SNMP feature can be useful to elaborate a testbench to monitor the output of a modulator. User can select the Demodulation input to achieve high level of MER measurement. The D-Mod T2 output the received stream either over a standard TS over ASI interface or via IP Streaming to feed a external video/audio decoder
or a TS stream analyser 

Performance & Future proof

D-Mod T2 addresses DVB-T2 product designer’s request to have reference DVB-T2 demodulator.
User can dispose a high quality tool either to help him to develop & debug its own modulator thank to the Demodulation input or to help him to discover the performances of the DVB-T2 standard. In that case, the receiving input is to be used to c pe with on air transmission signal impairments (adjacent channels, signal fading, multi-paths, etc.).

Key Features :

  • DVB-T2 full and real-time demodulation
  • Multiplex transport stream output
  • High level of MER measurement performance
  • Monitoring features: input level, shoulders, MER, etc.
  • Constellation and spectrum visualization
  • Local or remote access over Ethernet
  • Professional form factor (1-RU rack format)
  • Remote control & monitoring by SNMP protocole 

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