DVB Mobile TV Calculateur


DVB Mobile TV Calculator 

While in 2005, we published a calculator reporting on the campaign of measure performed with the DVB-T & DVB-H Mobile performances, now - in 2009- we are delighted to uptade our "Mobile Calculator" with the DVB-SH figures measured in the context of the 21C Eureka/Celtic Project.

The DVB Mobile calculator focuses on the DVB-SH, the last family member of the First generation of DVB transmission standards. Performances are given in stationary channels (AWGN, F1 (fix-LOS), P1 (portable-NLOS) and Mobile channel (TU6 - Typical Urban with 6 pathes) for DVB-SH receivers implementing either Single or Dual antenna reception (i.e Spatial Reception Diversity).

 The DVB Mobile calculator itself allows to select a set of transmission mode parameters individually for the "T"/"H"/"SH" transmission systems and provides performances figures in terms of Useful Transmitted Bitrate, Maximum transmission cell size, Maximum Doppler tolerance and Minimum C/N threshold (robutness). The sets of values are figured in two graphs: "C/N versus Doppler" and "Maximum speed versus RF  band".


The "DVB-Mobile Calculator" zipfile has to be downloaded for local use on a PC. The zipfile includes two Excel files tailored respectively for the 2003&2007 Excel versions; both are optimized for a display 1024*768. To benefit from the resolution of your screen, you should use the "zoom" function of Excel.

TeamCast declines all responsabilities for the usage of this evaluation tool and don't guarantee the accuracy of all data supplied by the tool."

We hope that this work will be useful for the users of the DVB's 1st generation of Transmission Standard:

Enjoy the DVB Mobile Calculator!!!

DVB Mobile TV Calculator Zip


DVB-H Calculator 

The DVB-H CALCULATOR also named « Mobile Performance Evaluator » compute interactively the characteristics and the performances in broadcasting Mobile environment according to the DVB-T or DVB-H mode that has been selected.
DVB-T and DVB-H characteristics have been for most of them extracted from the DVB-T and DVB-H ETSI standards.
The performance in mobile environment has been computed from DiBcom and TeamCast experience and from different labs and on the field measurements using the DiBcom receiver chip set.

The DVB-H CALCULATOR could be activated on line or downloaded for local use on a PC.
It requires Excel software with a version equal or higher than Excel 2000 to be installed on your computer.

This tool is the property of TeamCast and DiBcom and has to be use only for technical information and evaluation only.
It cannot be copied or used for any commercial application.
For any commercial usage of this tool, please contact TeamCast or DiBcom sales team.

TeamCast and DiBcom decline all responsibilities for the usage of this evaluation tool and do not guarantee the accuracy of all data supplied by the tool

DVB-H Calculator


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