Jean-Luc Pavy

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Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Luc PAVY obtained an engineering degree in Electronics from the National Electronics Engineering School of Grenoble. 

He began his career in 1978 in the Thomson CSF group – Flying Simulators Division - where he led a team of engineers in charge of the design of  real time synthetic picture generators and synthetic sound generators.

In 1988 he founded ITIS – Innovation in Telecommunications Image and Sound – a company that became the worldwide leader in Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB Eureka 147) and one of the leading suppliers of COFDM modulators for Digital TV in Europe (DVB‑T).

When the American group, Harris, acquired ITIS after 9 years of continuous growth, Jean‑Luc PAVY was appointed as the General Manager and he contributed significantly to the development of the sales and the integration of ITIS inside the Harris Broadcast division.

In 2001, when Jean-Luc PAVY moved to the position of Director of Business Development inside Harris, the ITIS business unit had a turnover around 9 M€ and a staff of 55 employees.

He left Harris early in 2003 and founded the TeamCast company in July 2003 with Gérard Faria, his former colleague.


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